“Bridging the Path Between Home and School”


Mission of Bridging Connections

As advocates, Bridging Connections will empower parents to become involved and knowledgeable about what is happening with their children and their education. Parents must be considered full partners with the school in order to ensure their children are receiving the very best educational opportunities possible. As advocates, we can provide the necessary assistance to parents, students and schools to navigate the issues facing them and develop comprehensive plans for the success of their children in school. Our advocacy will work to ensure every child has the opportunity to a fair and comprehensive education and parents have a full and complete understanding and voice in their child’s education.


Bridging Connections Services Offered

Special Education Process Assistance
Section 504 Assistance
Gifted and Talented
Records Review
Visitations and Observations
School Disciplinary Assistance
Bridging Communication Between Home and School
Family Referral Source
Meeting Participation
Group Presentations
Initial Consultation, no fee
Spanish Services Available